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More content is a must

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We always hear that you should do more content for social media from Facebook to Instagram and TikTok to name just some, the question people are forgetting to ask is why should we be doing more.

This is a really simple thing to answer, look at it in a more macro way, let me explain, let me outline a client or person for you.

Age 40
Works at his own building consultant business
Travels to work by train leaving at 6 am
Goes to the gym at 6 pm before getting the train home
Drives a Volvo
Has two children 4 and 8
Married for 5 years
Try to play golf once a week
Reads most nights

I know this is an odd-looking person but bare with me on this, do you think to put a picture and a quote on Facebook and Instagram at 3 pm will reach him?

The answer will be no, what about putting content out on LinkedIn first thing on the morning let’s say around 7 am, what about a podcast so he can listen to it at the gym or train, what about a LinkedIn post at 1 pm when he is in the office, and maybe a Facebook post on the way home or a blog he can read before golf.

Chance of that person seeing every bit of content in the day is slim but he may see two, even in that rough example you are putting out five or six bits of content just to reach that one person, let’s say you have five or six different types of clients now you can see why you need volume of content.

I bet you are saying “I get it, but how in gods name will I get it all done”, that the trick as you need to think smart and use your time-wisely.

What about putting a post out on Twitter, takes about 60 sec, then screenshot it and post the image on Instagram with some copy and maybe the same on Facebook and LinkedIn, that will take you maybe 2min, so within three minutes you are done four bits of copy, hope you can see it can be done if you think out of the box, even recording a podcast with video and sound will give you a YouTube video and a podcast and if sliced give you copy for lots of channels.

Next question will be, “what in hells name should I say or do in these 60 bits of copy?” That’s the question, I always say document what you do and offer advice as you will be amazing in what you do during the day or ideas you have, also look at sharing news from your sector.

The last question you will be asking is “okay get that but when do I see an ROI on my time?”, you will need to invest months and even years to it, you also need to remember this is marketing and not sales, so you are building a brand which people will remember and when they need you, your business will be the first they think of or see.

We have been doing this for over 18 months and we are seeing leads come in every week, and our conversation rate going up, is this only because of this, I would say 85% will be, as our brand is stronger and people remember the message.

So this is not a quick win but it will be a win.

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