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Make a Mistake in Marketing is fine

I want to tell you a truth about marketing which a lot of people will not want to share.

This is it….you will mess up, that simple.

When you design anything from a Facebook advert or some artwork or even copy at some stage you will mess it up.

The messing up is not the issue it is the way you deal with it, loads of people will say things like.

“We never mess up”

“We check everything twice”

“All our adverts are on point all the time”

“We spend hours doing artwork and our system is spot on”


I have been in business for so over two decades in senior roles and I have messed up many times and to be honest, I will again.

For example, we designed a new social media and digital marketing campaign this week, we spent hours designing the offer which channel we are using from Linkedin to Facebook and email and worked the math out and even done some direct marketing all was good.

Until I was looking at some of the adverts and noticed we had made a spelling mistake on the artwork (YOU should have been YOUR), we had been pushing this across every channel and adverts for two days with that mistake.

Okay, I am not going to lie it did pi## me off as it was something we should have seen, but am I that worried long term, No, not at all, because mistakes happen.

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