Social media images and quotes we share across our social media, from Facebook and Instagram all the way to LinkedIn.  Above all, we try and share as much as we can across every platform.

So we want to give you some tips on digital and social media marketing and website design, above all you need to remember what you are trying to do.  And most importantly what your target audience wants to see.

I know we have all seen that post or images and gone, what are they trying to sell me.  And similarly, I bet you can remember that artwork or post which you really engaged with.
So before you just start loading images and videos, try and remember this simple tip.  And above all do not become a pushy salesperson, make the content interesting and people will engage and share it.
Social media images and quotes, as a rule, engage really well.  So you need to remember some simple rule on engagement on social media for the best results you need to post video and images then text.