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We work within creative marketing and business consultancy, website development and digital marketing for over 20 years.  We have helped some amazing businesses grow.

One thing we have noticed is lots of agencies want the massive clients in order to shout about it on their portfolios, and from every roof top.  We feel this takes from what should be the true goal; helping the client. 

A lot of smaller companies still need the same support.  But may not have the budget to hire a creative or marketing agency in house, they still need the same help and guidance. They have the same potential for growth and greatness than those four times their size. 

These types of businesses would love help with web developing and SEO, as well as someone to do the social media, graphic design and video production. Perhaps also someone to advise them on starting new projects, or help to look for a finance or a senior executive director.  They don’t need this help full time. 

So we decided to open Purple Lion Consultancy.  We are here to help the smaller business grow with low fixed cost solutions.  Which cover everything we have even designed free training and a members area to help your business grow.

Whatever your size or turnover we will help you the same way, you will get the same level of support, business and marketing strategy. We believe in your potential; some of the biggest business started small, Apple started out of Steve Jobs’ garage.

More About Hadleigh

Social Media Expert

Hadleigh Winter - Founder

Hadleigh is the driving force behind the business, he has worked within a number of fields over his 20 plus years in business.

He is very hands on, speaking to and helping clients everyday. He is incredibly driven and enthusiastic, and his real passion about this business and his clients comes across. when you meet him he you will see he loves meeting and speaking to new people, from the one man operation to the chairman of a large PLC.

Loves being outdoors, as well as cooking for friends and family, he has three sons.

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